Why is your Sciatica (Sciatic nerve pain) worse at night?
Most executive mums have a demanding job with long hours of sitting and this can sometimes aggravate their back and sciatic pain. When its time to go to bed and relax after a long day at work this nerve pain can get more pronounced, leading to  disturbed sleep and a restless night during those precious moments of rest. If this describes your Sciatic pain, you may have questions why your sciatica gets aggravated at night. In this blog, let discuss why your sciatica is worse at night. This knowledge can help you to understand the pain better and work towards the solutions for this problem.
The simplest explanation for increased sciatica at night is due to reduced distractions. During the day, the hustle and bustle of daily activities may divert your attention away from your Sciatica. However, at night, when you're lying in bed with minimal external stimuli, pain signals can become more pronounced. This is true for all aches and pains in the body.
Another common reason is a poor sleeping posture. When we sleep in a poor posture there is a lot of stress in and around the spine for the duration of the sleep. An example of this is when you have sciatica due to a herniated discPoor sleep posture can lead to irritation of the Sciatic nerve, leading to increased sciatica pain. 
Inflammation levels can fluctuate throughout the day, potentially worsening nerve pain during specific periods. Night time inflammation can result from various factors like joint stress, physical exertion, or underlying health conditions.
Chronic nerve pain often leads to restless nights and disrupted sleep patterns. This lack of quality sleep can contribute to increased pain sensitivity as sleep deprivation can lower one’s pain threshold and intensify the feeling of Sciatica. This creates a vicious cycle. Restoring a peaceful state of mind is crucial for managing most nerve pains including sciatica.

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