How can you relieve Nerve Pain in the arm/hand when Sleeping?
Waking up in the middle of the night with a burning or tingling sensation in your arm and hands is no small ordeal. For those who endure nerve pain in the arm or hand during sleep, it's not just about a single moment of discomfort; it's about consistently sleepless nights. The sharp, intrusive pain disturbs your slumber, leading to grogginess and a lack of focus at work the following day. In this blog lets discuss some simple ways to relieve nerve pain in the arm/hand when sleeping.
In our spine there are nerves exiting both sides of the spine. These nerves supply different parts of the body. The ones that exit the cervical spine supply the shoulder, arms, forearm and hands. Nerves can be compressed due to inflammation or a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spinal degeneration or a poor sleeping posture.
Out of all these reasons, the commonest one is a poor sleeping posture. One sleeping posture to avoid is sleeping on your stomach as you need to turn your neck to one side or the other. This causes a lot of tension on one side of the neck while creating compression on the other side. This can lead to nerve pain in the arms and hands. So try to either sleep on your side or your back. 
If you are a side sleeper the height of your pillow should be equal to the distance between the earlobe and the shoulder. This will prevent your neck from tilting to one side, thus avoiding the stresses from building up on the neck muscles that may have lead to a nerve pain. 
If you sleep on their back your pillow height should be equal to the distance between the back of your head to your upper back. If your pillow is too high it will push the head up and if the pillow is too low it will let your head roll backwards. Both these situations can irritate the nerves and lead to nerve pains. 
Other possible reasons for your nerve pain may be the stresses that have built up on your neck throughout the day. Once you lie down in bed your neck is unable to relax completely on the pillow and the tight neck muscles can irritate the nerves in the cervical spine and lead to a headache.  Watch this video to learn ‘How to relieve Neck Pain while Sitting?’

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